Sponsored Rider 2022!

Park Lady is doing another search for our new sponsored riders for 2022!

Previously we have been lucky enough to sponsor some wonderfully talented riders who have promoted our brand and been fantastic ambassadors for the side-saddle costume concourse world.

This year we are looking for TWO riders to sponsor!



What Park Lady offers our sponsored riders!

As one of our sponsored riders you would get the use of a made to measure costume for the duration of a year (showing season)

We tag and promote you as a Sponsored rider across our social media platforms with any images we get of you in our costume.

If possible (location dependent) we will try and meet up with you for photo shoots and come and support you at shows.

There will be no financial transaction between Park Lady  and our sponsored riders.

In return for the use of a made to measure side saddle costume we ask our sponsored riders to do the following:-

Participate  side saddle costume classes though out the season. This must include the side saddle concours costume class at the Sidesaddle nationals.  

We ask our sponsored riders to post any outings or photo shoots in our costumes to social media and tag Park Lady.

We know that when people see you out in costume they nearly always ask questions. We ask that if asked questions whilst wearing our costume you should be willing to hold conversations and answer questions with anyone interested and promote Park Lady when possible.